Friday, November 7, 2014

Protect your infants and toddlers from RSV this season #MC #Sponsored #RSV Awareness #PreemieProtection

“I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for MedImmune. I received product samples to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.”As a mom to a toddler who was hospitalized for RSV I want to do everything possible to protect my son from catching it again. For those of you who are not familiar with RSV, let me tell you a little bit about the illness.

RSV is a common seasonal virus which most often strikes during cold and flu season. (Usually November-March)  Most toddlers at one point or another contract the virus and it usually presents itself with mild cold and flu like symptoms although RSV is the leading cause of hospitalization in infants under age 1 and Preemies are most at risk for contracting the virus.

Despite being so common, a lot of parents are not familiar with RSV. I was one of those parents at one time. My little guy developed RSV when he was 26 months old. I thought he had croup but after a few days of a runny nose, cough, and fever I knew something was not right. He seemed to be getting worse than better. He developed something called stridor where he was having a hard time catching his breath and was making a high pitched wheezing type sound. I immediately rushed him to the pediatrician where he was given nebulizer treatments that unfortunately were not helping much so he ended up being sent to the ER. It was such a scary time for my husband and I and after 12 hours of xrays, nebulizer treatments, and steroid shots we were finally given the all clear to come home. 

These symptoms are signs of severe RSV:

Persistent coughing or wheezing
Bluish color around the mouth or fingernails
Rapid, difficult, or gasping breaths
Fever (especially if it is over 100.4°F [rectal] in infants under 3 months of age)

November 17th is World Prematurity Day. To avoid spreading RSV remember these simple steps:

Wash hands and ask others to do the same
Keep toys, clothes, blanket and sheets clean
Avoid crowds and other young children during RSV season
Never let anyone smoke around your baby
Steer clear of people who are sick or who have recently been sick

To learn more about RSV please visit

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