Saturday, September 6, 2014

It's Football Season! Enjoy with fun tailgating ideas from Florida Orange Juice! #Sponsored #MC #OJTailgate

I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for the Florida Department of Citrus. I received promotional item to thank me for participating.

It's hard to believe Football Season is here and in our house Football is huge! It's actually my favorite time of year. Both my husband and I are huge fans of the game and Sundays in the fall and winter always mean Football! We love our Chicago Bears and I can't wait for Sundays Game! I always enjoy making a big batch of Chili or noshing on some appetizers during the game. It's a Sunday Tradition around here.

Now you might be wondering what Florida Orange Juice and Football have in common? Well, Florida Orange Juice recently threw a tailgating event in New York City on Aug. 19. The special guest was sports broadcaster Erin Andrews who was sharing her top tailgating tips. If you love to tailgate and are looking for new recipes you will want to check more about this event by visiting 

Did you know that by incorporating 100 percent florida orange juice into your daily diet, either by enjoying an 8-ounce glass a day or by including it in your favorite recipes, can help you maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle and may help reduce the risk of certain diseases. It's also packed with Vitamin C a natural immunity booster!

One of the ways you can incorporate Florida Orange Juice into your tailgating recipes is with this delicious marinade. I love orange marinades so I knew that I was going to love this one!

Florida Citrus Orange Juice Marinade Recipe
¼ C 100% Florida Orange Juice
1T lime juice
1T jerk seasoning
1t ginger, minced

Combine all ingredients in bowl, mix thoroughly. Pour marinade over chicken skewers, cover and refrigerate at least three hours or preferably overnight. (I served my chicken over rice and reserved some extra marinade to serve over top and it was delish! )


  1. Wonderful recipe. Orange juice can flavor so many dishes. Blessings, Catherine


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