Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Slow Cooker Root Beer Pulled Pork Sandwiches

I love making pulled pork. It's so easy and it makes a fantastic weeknight dinner. I've made it a couple of different ways but never with root beer. It was a family hit! The pork was smoky, sweet, and incredibly juicy. Delicious!

Slow Cooker Root Beer Pulled Pork Sandwiches

1 1lb to 3lb pork roast (pork sirloin tip roast)
2 tbsp grill mates pork rub
2 cups root beer
1 small onion, cubed
2 cloves garlic, chopped
2 tsp liquid smoke
1 18 oz bottle BBQ Sauce ( I like Sweet Baby Rays)

Rub two tablespoons of the pork seasoning all over making sure to cover the whole pork roast. Transfer the roast to the crockpot. Add the onion, garlic, one teaspoon of liquid smoke and one cup of root beer. Cover the crock pot and cook on low for 5-6 hours.

When done remove the roast from the crock pot and discard the liquid and onions. Let the roast cool and then shred the pork into pieces using two forks. Return the shredded meat to the crock pot.
Add the remaining one cup of root beer, BBQ sauce, and remaining teaspoon of liquid smoke and stir to combine. Cook the shredded meat for an additional hour on low.
Serve on hamburger buns, rolls or hoagies. Enjoy!


  1. I found your blog via the Blog Hop. This recipe looks fantastic! I am looking forward to following your blog and trying this pulled pork.

  2. I LOVE pulled pork and I love finding new recipes :) Thanks so much for sharing. The last pulled pork I tried didn't come out to good, so I can't wait to try this one out :) @totally_rachel


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